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515 S. Cascade Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903


Motor Coach


Fall Foliage

From mid-September to early October, come to Colorado Springs and enjoy "bowls of gold" in the high country around "America's Mountain", Pikes Peak.

Outdoor Adventure Day Trips in
Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Region...

Come to Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak, the mountain that inspired Katharine Lee Bates to write "America the Beautiful". In the Old West, wagons were painted with "Pikes Peak or Bust" signifying their intent while traveling west.

Seniors Day Trip

Senior groups can enjoy the beauty of the Pikes Peak Region from the comfort of the motor coach and find easy and leisurely access to all attractions. No matter what time of the year, enjoy unique and spectacular sites at your own pace.

Seniors Favorite

This full day trip visits some of the most popular attractions in Colorado Springs.

Students Day 1

Colorado Springs has many wonderful sights and attractions to entertain and educate students. The following itineraries will interest students of all ages and give them unlimited memories of their time spent in the Pikes Peak Region.

Students Day 2

These attractions and activities are located within a maximum drive time of ten to twenty minutes from each other. Indoor options are also included.

Students Day 3

Time to head for Royal Gorge Country! Most of this tour begins just 1 1/4 hours south of Colorado Springs and will take from 3/4 of a day to a full day to complete.

Students Day 4

There are many other exciting destinations located in the mountains which are an hour to two hour drive west of Colorado Springs.

Circle the State

Choose from maps, themed itineraries or destinations to research other state areas in order to complete your statewide intinerary.

Colorado Train Adventure

For a really good time on the old railways, come to Colorado Springs to start your journey.

Holiday Shopping

Experience a perfect day and the magic of the holidays in Colorado Springs.

Religious Tour

Somehow you're never quite alone in the Rocky Mountains. You're in the company of your own soul, which can communicate with you here as almost nowhere else in the world.

Student Venues

The following are listings of no cost performance venues available to student groups wishing to perform music, skits, plays, and arts programs in Colorado Springs.

Easy Plan

Planning your visit to Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Country region is sure to be lots of fun, but with so much to do, how do you choose? The following Easy Plan itineraries are designed simply as guidelines.

Easy Plan for Actives!

Want an exciting adventure in Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Region? The following intinerary is designed as a guideline to make the most of your visit.

Easy Plan for Seniors!

Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Region have much to offer to make your visit enjoyable. The following itinerary is designed as a guideline to make your stay unforgettable.

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