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City of Gold Mines

At nearly 10,000 feet on the southwestern side of Pikes Peak, Victor, Colorado, lies waiting for you...

Come see its 1890s gold mining town architecture, breathe the clean air and soak up plenty of sunshine; tour its museum, shops and parks, and fish at nearby Skagway Reservoir.

Victorís modern-day treasures are the results of its rich gold rush history. Victor was incorporated in 1893. By that time it was already known as the City of Mines because the largest and richest gold mines of the Cripple Creek Mining District were located on Battle Mountain just above Victor. Today head frames of the Ajax, Strong and Independence give Victor its historic gold mining atmosphere.

The streets of Victor were paved with gold during the heydey of the 1890s gold rush. Today the streets are lined with a wealth of history as 100-year-old buildings stand as legacy to the hustle and bustle of previous times. Today's Victor is quiet, sporting bed and breakfast inns and a refurbished 4-story hotel.
Gone are the train whistles of the 1890s and the street cars that carried miners to and from the mines. But here today are shuttles to Cripple Creek's casinos and shops that house antiques, art and a soda fountain that serves up the best chocolate shakes anywhere.

Mining is not gone from Victor, where the largest gold mine in the state is again reaping ore from the gold-rich caldera. The new mine offers a perspective, and an appreciation for the efforts of the gold rush pioneers. You can see first-hand the toil and back-breaking labor that went into gold mining in the 1890s and now, how technology has improved the miners' endeavors.

Come for a sit on our street-side benches or watch a thrilling auto race; come for a chocolate shake or a two-mile-high pizza; come for a drive up to the scenic heights of the American Eagles Mine; come for a look at the golden era of the 1890s ...
Come for a day, for a week or for a lifetime ... discover the hidden jewel of Teller County - discover the City of Gold Mines.

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